Wolff has idea to make F1 more entertaining

Dr Helmut Marko admits he is "starting to worry" about Formula 1.

Start, Belgian GP 2020
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Dr Helmut Marko admits he is "starting to worry" about Formula 1.

Amid the corona crisis, the sport managed to get up and racing with a modified calendar and various health measures in place - including, for now, the absence of spectators.

But then it became clear the extent to which Mercedes would dominate with its 2020 car.

Red Bull has championed the 'party mode' ban which debuts this weekend at Monza, and Dr Helmut Marko told Osterreich newspaper: "I hope we are spared the next boredom."

Indeed, Spa last week was a particularly processional race. Marko added: "When I look at how it works in MotoGP, I start to worry about Formula 1."

Fellow Red Bull boss Christian Horner thinks one solution would be for each driver to have to use all three tyre compounds in every race, ending what he calls "boring" one-stoppers.

Toto Wolff has another idea, but he also defends Mercedes' dominance of F1.

"I understand what the fans are saying and I think it would be very easy for me to say 'there are good football games and bad football games'," he is quoted by Brazil's Globo Esporte.

"Nobody wants to see a team dominate the championship. But we do not believe that we are dominating," the Mercedes team boss added.

Indeed, he suggests that opening up teams' internal radio communications will better demonstrate to the fans how much tension goes into each race win.

"I think we should consider making these communications available to the fans, so they can follow the action and see what really happens internally," said Wolff.

"There's a lot more drama that goes on behind the curtains. Getting the parts ready, technical problems, bringing updates to the track at the last minute, and like in Belgium, all the worries of a one-stop strategy.

"If it happens, I think this may be an additional way to enhance the entertainment factor," he added.

Wolff also thinks new additions to the 'corona calendar' will make 2020 more exciting.

"Mugello is an unbelievable track, which I know from my time as a driver," he said. "I'm also looking forward to Portimao, which should be a very fun place, and then we are returning to the iconic Imola, and Turkey and Bahrain.

"Many changes are coming up and I hope they add to the fun."