FEBRUARY 22, 2021

No green Mercedes saga in 2021

Stefano Domenicali doesn't think the 'pink Mercedes' controversy will reignite in 2021.

Charles Leclerc, Portuguese GP 2020
© Ferrari

Stefano Domenicali doesn't think the 'pink Mercedes' controversy will reignite in 2021.

In light of the tweaked aerodynamic rules for the new season, Toto Wolff is warning that it cannot be ruled out that "Red Bull or Aston Martin" will leap to the front of the field.

Last year, Racing Point was at the centre of a political storm when observers started calling the 2020 car a 'pink Mercedes'.

Now, as the team becomes Aston Martin with more resources and Sebastian Vettel at the wheel, might the 'green Mercedes' controversy flare up again?

"No. This problem will have no further consequences. Everything has been quite clearly dealt with," new F1 CEO Domenicali told Italy's Corriere della Sera.

He played down the 'pink Mercedes' saga of 2020.

"Such disputes are part of the history of Formula 1," said the former Ferrari team boss. "I am sure that all the disagreements and suspicions on that are now in the past with all grey areas clarified."

Domenicali also defended the decision to freeze engine development from 2022, dismissing claims that it contradicts the basic DNA of constant F1 progress.

"No, power units at this level of technology simply do not exist anywhere in the world," he said. "We need to think about stability.

"No company can undertake a project without a clear understanding of the costs and the benefits. We said to ourselves 'Let's save with something secondary in order to allow teams to exist and other companies to enter the sport without so much risk."

Finally, the former Ferrari boss was asked what advice he has for Mattia Binotto, as the Maranello team looks to emerge from its performance slump of 2020.

"I see a company that is looking for stability and must ensure competitiveness," he said. "I have nothing to advise my friend Mattia Binotto about.

"Ferrari needs to focus on its priorities without being distracted by the pressure, which is always very great at Ferrari."