British GP 1956

British GP, 1956

BRM was finally ready for action and at Silverstone the team had three cars available for Mike Hawthorn, Tony Brooks and Ron Flockhart. Lancia-Ferrari ran Juan-Manuel Fangio, Peter Collins, Eugenio Castelotti and the Marquis de Portago, while there were 10 Maseratis in the field, including the works cars of Stirling Moss, Jean Behra, Cesare Perdisa. Vanwall fielded Froilan Gonzalez alongside Harry Schell and Maurice Trintignant (back after his brief interlude with Bugatti at Reims). Also in action was Connaught with cars for Desmond Titterington, Archie Scott-Brown and Jack Fairman.

Moss was fastest in practice and lined up alongside Fangio, Hawthorn and Collins, while the second row consisted of Schell, Gonzalez and Roy Salvadori (Maserati).

At the start of the race Hawthorn went ahead and Brooks was quickly through to run second, the two BRMs being followed by Fangio and the rest. Fangio challenged Brooks and moved to second but then he spun and Brooks retook the position. Moss then took up the challenge and harried Brooks and on lap 11 he got ahead. Moss closed up on Hawthorn while Brooks dropped back and fell behind Salvadori. Moss took the lead on lap 16 while further back Fangio moved back up the fourth by getting ahead of Brooks. Hawthorn's BRM began to fade and Salvadori moved to second (Hawthorn would retire soon afterwards). Brooks's BRM also stopped. It was repaired and Brooks set off again but the car spun and overturned soon afterwards. Brooks was thrown out but without serious injury but the car was burned out.

Salvadori's good run was slowed because of a fuel line problem and so he dropped behind Fangio and Collins while Moss's lead was reduced when he called into the pits for more oil. Collins too hit mechanical trouble and retired but he then took over De Portago's car. Salvadori retired and Moss had to pit again because his engine lost power and that left Fangio in the lead. Moss rejoined but soon had to stop again and he finally retired a few laps from the finish when his axle broke. Fangio was a somewhat fortunate winner with Collins second (a lap down in Portago's car) second and Behra (two laps down) third.

Juan-Manuel Fangio Lancia Ferrari D50 101 2h59m47.000s  
2= Alfonso de Portago Lancia Ferrari D50   12 
2= Peter Collins Lancia Ferrari D50 100   
Jean Behra Maserati 250F 99  13 
21 Jack Fairman Connaught-Alta B 98  21 
31 Horace Gould Maserati 250F 97  14 
11 Luigi Villoresi Maserati 250F 96  19 
Cesare Perdisa Maserati 250F 95  15 
10 Francisco Godia-Sales Maserati 250F 94  25 
15 Robert Manzon Gordini T32 94  18 
Stirling Moss Maserati 250F 94 Mechanical 
10= Eugenio Castellotti Lancia Ferrari D50   
10= Alfonso de Portago Lancia Ferrari D50 92   
11 26 Bob Gerard Cooper-Bristol T23 88  22 
16 Harry Schell Vanwall VW (56) 86 Fuel Line 
20 Desmond Titterington Connaught-Alta B 74 Engine 11 
14 Hernando da Silva Ramos Gordini T32 71 Mechanical 26 
17 Maurice Trintignant Vanwall VW (56) 70 Fuel Line 16 
Peter Collins Lancia Ferrari D50 64 Engine 
28 Roy Salvadori Maserati 250F 59 Fuel Pressure 
24 Tony Brooks BRM P25 39 Throttle/ Accident 
23 Mike Hawthorn BRM P25 24 Mechanical 
27 Louis Rosier Maserati 250F 23 Mechanical 27 
29 Bruce Halford Maserati 250F 22 Engine 20 
12 Umberto Maglioli Maserati 250F 21 Gearbox 24 
19 Archie Scott-Brown Connaught-Alta B 16 Wheel Lost 10 
32 Paul Emery Emeryson-Alta (56) 12 Ignition 23 
30 Jack Brabham Maserati 250F Engine 28 
25 Ron Flockhart BRM P25 Engine 17 
18 Froilan Gonzalez Vanwall VW (56) Drive Shaft