Argentine GP 1954

Argentine GP, 1954

The new Formula 1 regulations which came into force in 1954 meant that there was a change in the established order of the sport although many of the newcomers were not ready in time for the start of the season and so Ferrari and Maserati continued the battle they had had in 1953 with their old modified for the new rules. Ferrari started the year with the Type 625 while Maserati had reworked the A6SSG Formula 2 car to produce the Maserati 250F. Gordini used his old cars fitted with bigger engines.

All three companies sent their factory teams to Buenos Aires and with Alberto Ascari and Gigi Villoresi having left Ferrari to join the yet-to-appear Lancia team, Ferrari fielded Giuseppe Farina, Mike Hawthorn and Umberto Maglioli alongside new signings Froilan Gonzalez and Maurice Trintignant. Maserati retained Juan-Manuel Fangio, Onofre Marimon and youngster Luigi Musso.

Farina was fastest in practice with Gonzalez alongside and the front row was completed by Fangio and Hawthorn while on the second row Trintignant had Marimon and would have had Musso if the Italian had been able to start the event. Unfortunately he had suffered an engine failure and had no replacement unit.

Farina took the lead at the start with Fangio close behind him but it was Gonzalez who made the most impression in the early laps as he climbed through the order, passing Hawthorn and Fangio and taking the lead on lap 15. On lap 32, however, a storm broke and Gonzalez spun off in the rain. Farina stopped to get a visor for his helmet and Hawthorn spun and so Fangio was left in the lead. As the track dried he was caught and passed by Gonzalez and Farina but then the rain intensified and Fangio moved back into the lead. Hawthorn dropped out after receiving outside assistance after a second spin. On lap 61 Fangio stopped for some special hand-cut tires after which Ferrari team manager Nello Ugolini decided to protest that Maserati has used too many mechanics during the pit stop. The Ferrari team was confident that the protest would be upheld and so Farina and Gonzalez were signaled not to take risks. Fangio caught and passed them both to win. The protest was rejected by the race organizers and later by the FIA as well.

Juan-Manuel Fangio Maserati 250F 87 3h00m55.800s  
10 Giuseppe Farina Ferrari 625 87 3h02m14.800s  
12 Froilan Gonzalez Ferrari 625 87 3h02m56.800s  
26 Maurice Trintignant Ferrari 625 86  
20 Elie Bayol Gordini T16 85  14 
28 Harry Schell Maserati A6GCM 84  10 
Prince Bira Maserati A6GCM 83  
30 Emmanuel de Graffenried Maserati A6GCM 83  12 
16 Umberto Maglioli Ferrari 625 82  11 
dq 14 Mike Hawthorn Ferrari 625  Push Start After Spin 
dq 18 Jean Behra Gordini T16  Push Start After Spin 16 
Onofre Marimon Maserati 250F Accident 
32 Roberto Mieres Maserati A6GCM  Engine 
34 Jorge Daponte Maserati A6GCM  Engine 17 
22 Roger Loyer Gordini T16  Engine 15 
24 Louis Rosier Ferrari 500 Accident 13 
ns Luigi Musso Maserati A6GCM  Engine 
ns 36 Carlos Menditeguy Maserati A6GCM  Engine 18