Monaco GP 1950

MAY 21, 1950

Monaco GP, 1950

Only eight days after the first World Championship event at Silverstone the teams were in action again at Monaco. Alfa Romeo faced a rather more difficult task than in Britain thanks to the appearance of the Ferrari team with its 125s being driven by Gigi Villoresi, Alberto Ascari and Raymond Sommer.

Alfa Romeo has three 158s for Giuseppe Farinia, Juan-Manuel Fangio and Luigi Fagioli. A fourth car was entered by Peter Whitehead but a series of engine problems meant that he did not qualify.

The rest of the field was made up of Talbot Lagos and Maseratis although Harry Schell entered a tiny JAP-engined Cooper and there were a pair of Equipe Gordini Simca-Gordinis for drivers Maurice Trintignant and Robert Manzon.

Sunday was windy which caused some curious conditions at Tabac Corner where spray from the harbor made the track surface rather damp and on the first lap Farina - who was running second to Fangio - lost control and was hit by the Maserati of Froilan Gonzalez (which had qualified third). Fagioli swerved to a halt and Louis Rosier managed to stop his Talbot Lago before hitting the Alfa only to have the car punted into Fagioli's 158 when it was hit by Manzon.

Schell, Baron Emanuel de Graffenried and Franco Rol (Maseratis), Cuth Harrison (ERA) and Trintignant were all involved. Nine cars were eliminated immediately and Gonzalez's car retired on the next lap as a result of damage from the crash.

Fangio managed to get through the wreckage at the end of the lap but Villoresi stalled as he slowed down and so it was Ascari who emerged in second place. Villoresi dropped right to the back of the field and provided the excitement as he charged back to take second place only to retire with an axle problem. Fangio finished a lap ahead of Ascari with Monegasque Chiron a further lap down in third.

34 Juan-Manuel Fangio Alfa Romeo 158 100 3h13m18.700s  
40 Alberto Ascari Ferrari 125 99  
48 Louis Chiron Maserati 4CLT/48 98  
42 Raymond Sommer Ferrari 125 97  
50 Prince Bira Maserati 4CLT/48 95  15 
26 Bob Gerard ERA A 94  16 
Johnny Claes Talbot Lago-Talbot T26C 94  19 
38 Luigi Villoresi Ferrari 125 63 Mechanical 
14 Philippe Etancelin Talbot Lago-Talbot T26C 36 Mechanical 
Froilan Gonzalez Maserati 4CLT/48 Accident 
36 Luigi Fagioli Alfa Romeo 158 Accident 
32 Giuseppe Farina Alfa Romeo 158 Accident 
16 Louis Rosier Talbot Lago-Talbot T26C Accident 10 
10 Robert Manzon Simca Gordini-Gordini T15 Accident 11 
Harry Schell Cooper-JAP T12 Accident 20 
52 Emmanuel de Graffenried Maserati 4CLT/48 Accident 12 
12 Maurice Trintignant Simca Gordini-Gordini T15 Accident 13 
24 Cuth Harrison ERA B Accident 14 
44 Franco Rol Maserati 4CLT/48 Accident 17 
ns Alfredo Pian Maserati 4CLT/48  Accident 18 
ns 28 Peter Whitehead Ferrari 125  Engine 21