Argentine GP 1953

JANUARY 18, 1953

Argentine GP, 1953

The World Championship - still being run to Formula 2 regulations - started early in 1953 with the major teams gathering in Argentina in January. Maserati had shown signs at the end of 1952 that it was going to have a competitive package in 1953 and there were four of the A6GCM chassis for Juan-Manuel Fangio (back in action after being out for most of 1952), Froilan Gonzalez, Felice Bonetto and local hero Oscar Galvez.

Ferrari had Alberto Ascari, Giuseppe Farina and Gigi Villoresi with a fourth car for its new signing Mike Hawthorn. Gordini had its usual trio of Jean Behra, Maurice Trintignant and Robert Manzon and a fourth car for Carlos Menditeguy while the Cooper Car Company made an official entry with cars for Alan Brown, John Barber and Adolfo Cruz.

Ascari, the reigning World Champion, was fastest in qualifying but Fangio was alongside him with the front row being completed by the Ferraris of Villoresi and Farina. Gonzalez, Hawthorn and Trintignant shared the second row with the third comprising of Manzon, Galvez, Menditeguy and Behra.

President Juan Peron turned up for the race and, having decreed that there would be free access to the circuit, discovered that there were far too many people to be controlled. They were lining the race track when the Grand Prix began. It was a recipe for disaster and as Ascari drove away to victory being chased by Fangio, third-placed Farina had to swerve to avoid a spectator who had wandered onto the circuit. He lost control and crashed into the crowd. At least one spectator (and probably more) was killed. Manzon was lucky not to hurt anyone else when his car lost a wheel at two-thirds distance. Hawthorn moved up to third but a counterattack by Gonzalez put him back up to third. Galvez was fifth and Behra sixth.

10 Alberto Ascari Ferrari 500 97 3h01m04.600s  
14 Luigi Villoresi Ferrari 500 96  
Froilan Gonzalez Maserati A6GCM 96  
16 Mike Hawthorn Ferrari 500 96  
Oscar Galvez Maserati A6GCM 96  
30 Jean Behra Gordini T16 94  11 
7= 28 Maurice Trintignant Gordini T16   
7= 28 Harry Schell Gordini T16 91   
22 John Barber Cooper-Bristol T23 90  16 
20 Alan Brown Cooper-Bristol T20 87  12 
26 Robert Manzon Gordini T16 67 Wheel Lost 
Juan-Manuel Fangio Maserati A6GCM 36 Mechanical 
Felice Bonetto Maserati A6GCM 31 Transmission 15 
12 Giuseppe Farina Ferrari 500 30 Accident (spectator Killed) 
32 Carlos Menditeguy Gordini T16 24 Gearbox 10 
34 Pablo Birger Simca Gordini-Gordini T15 21 Transmission 14 
24 Adolfo Schwelm-Cruz Cooper-Bristol T20 20 Wheel Lost 13