FEBRUARY 12, 2021

Giovinazzi has 'hope' for better Ferrari engine

Giovinazzi has 'hope' for better Ferrari engine

Antonio Giovinazzi, Italian GP 2019
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Giovinazzi has 'hope' for better Ferrari engine

There is "hope" at Alfa Romeo that Ferrari's 2021 engine will deliver more power.

That is the admission of Antonio Giovinazzi, who says he has seen Alfa Romeo's new car for 2021 and "it really is beautiful".

"I have worked a lot on the simulator," he told Italy's Sky Sport 24, "but even the presentation and the tests are close now.

"The livery is very nice but the peculiarity is at the front," the Italian driver added, reportedly referring to a more tapered nose for 2021.

"We hope it brings us something in terms of tenths. The unknown is the power unit, but we hope here too that it can go better and allow us to have more fun."

As for F1 more generally, Giovinazzi is hoping that the covid crisis that has so badly affected the sport and the entire world starts to lift in 2021.

"Last year was really different," he said, "and seeing Monza without fans was tough. Now we are starting over. Formula 1 made a great effort last year and in the end we could go ahead.

"There have been some circuits with an audience now, but I can't wait until the tracks are full again. Starting with Monza," the 27-year-old smiled.