OCTOBER 9, 2016

Dallara plays down Ferrari partnership

Dallara has played down rumours it is in partnership with Ferrari.

Dallara has played down rumours it is in partnership with Ferrari.

The rumours about the great Maranello marque and the niche Italian race car manufacturer have been circulating for some time, but boss Gian Paolo Dallara dismissed it as "fable".

"The partnership covers the supply of carbon parts and aerodynamic research on road cars," he told Corriere della Sera newspaper.

However, Dallara is centrally involved with the so-called Ferrari 'B' team, Haas.

But Gian Paolo Dallara denied there is any transfer of information or technology.

"Not at all, they are two separate worlds," he insisted.

"We work for Haas under the direction of Rob Taylor and Ben Agathangelou. Haas, in turn, acquires the powertrain and other parts from Maranello," Dallara added.

Nonetheless, Dallara was asked about Ferrari's current situation, and the Italian media's claim that Sebastian Vettel is in 'crisis'.

"He is suffering the frustration of those who want to win but cannot. We will have to see if he can wait -- Alonso was not able to," he said.

"One of the ingredients of success is patience," added Dallara.

"I have seen droughts of Ferrari for longer than this."

Dallara was also asked about rumours of a potential clash with F1's new owners Liberty, who have reportedly told Ferrari that huge financial bonuses will end.

"The new owners should move close to 'la Rossa' (Ferrari) or the world will collapse on them. Without 'il Cavallino' (Ferrari), F1 dies.

"Mercedes cannot save it: if they withdraw, no one notices," he insisted.