Italian GP 1960

Italian GP, 1960

With the World Championship settled in favor of Jack Brabham and the Italian authorities deciding that the Italian GP would be held on a combined road/oval course, all the big British teams boycotted the event and the field consisted of the works Ferraris, the Coopers of Scuderia Eugenio Castellotti and Scuderia Centro Sud and a few privateers. To increase the size of the field Formula 2 cars were allowed with Porsche turning up with a pair of 718s for Hans Herrmann and Edgar Barth.

The Ferraris dominated with Phil Hill sharing the front row with fellow American Ritchie Ginther and Willy Mairesse with a couple of Coopers on the second row. In the race Ginther and Hill led while Mairesse was slowed by team orders to help tow a fourth Ferrari - an F2 car being driven by Wolfgang Von Trips - away from the two Porsches. This helped Giulio Cabianca to run third in his Castellotti Cooper. Mairesse eevntually made his way back to third place while Hill passed early leader Ginther to win the race. Ferrari finished 1-2-3 but it was an irrelevant result given the competition.

20 Phil Hill Ferrari D246 50 2h21m09.200s  
18 Richie Ginther Ferrari D246 50 2h23m36.800s  
16 Willy Mairesse Ferrari D246 49  
Giulio Cabianca Cooper-Castellotti T51 48  
22 Wolfgang von Trips Ferrari D246P 48  
26 Hans Herrmann Porsche 718 47  10 
24 Edgar Barth Porsche 718 47  12 
12 Piero Drogo Cooper-Climax T43 45  15 
10 Wolfgang Seidel Cooper-Climax T45 44  13 
10 28 Fred Gamble Behra Porsche-Porsche  41  14 
Brian Naylor JBW-Maserati (59) 41 Gearbox 
34 Alfonso Thiele Cooper-Maserati T51 32 Gearbox 
Gino Munaron Cooper-Castellotti T51 27 Mechanical 
36 Giorgio Scarlatti Cooper-Maserati T51 26 Throttle Linkage 
30 Vic Wilson Cooper-Climax T43 23 Oil Sump 16 
Arthur Owen Cooper-Climax T45 Accident 11 
ns 14 Horace Gould Maserati 250F  Mechanical 17