Monaco GP 1990

MAY 27, 1990

Monaco GP, 1990

The entry was as it had been at Imola and the pole position man was the same as always: Ayrton Senna ahead in his McLaren-Honda. Alain Prost was second for Ferrari while Jean Alesi again showed the pace of the Pirelli-shod Tyrrell 018 with third place, ahead of Riccardo Patrese's Williams, Gerhard Berger's McLaren, Thierry Boutsen's Williams, Nigel Mansell's Ferrari, Pierluigi Martini's Minardi, Emanuele Pirro's Dallara and Nelson Piquet's Benetton.

At the start Senna took the lead but on the first lap Berger and Prost collided at Mirabeau and the race was stopped. At the restart Senna made another good start and took the lead with Prost and Alesi chasing. Then came Berger, Patrese, Boutsen, Martini and Mansell. Nigel soon overtook Martini but was then stuck behind Boutsen and eventually drove into the back of the Belgian's Williams and had to stop for repairs. In the mid-race Prost went out with an electronic problem leaving Alesi in second place with Berger third. Patrese was fourth until his engine failed and so that position went to Boutsen with Alex Caffi fifth and Eric Bernard sixth in his Larrousse Lola-Lamborghini.

27 Ayrton Senna McLaren-Honda  78 1h52m46.982s  
Jean Alesi Tyrrell-Cosworth  78 1h52m48.069s  
28 Gerhard Berger McLaren-Honda  78 1h52m49.055s  
Thierry Boutsen Williams-Renault  77  
10 Alex Caffi Arrows-Cosworth  76  22 
29 Eric Bernard Lola-Lamborghini  76  24 
7r 35 Gregor Foitek Oynx-Cosworth  72 Accident 20 
11 Derek Warwick Lotus-Lamborghini  66 Brakes/spin 13 
Nigel Mansell Ferrari  63 Battery/gearbox Electronics 
24 Paolo Barilla Minardi-Cosworth  52 Gearbox 19 
36 JJ Lehto Oynx-Cosworth  52 Gearbox 26 
26 Philippe Alliot Ligier-Cosworth  47 Gearbox 18 
Riccardo Patrese Williams-Renault  41 Valve Gear 
22 Andrea de Cesaris Dallara-Cosworth  38 Throttle Linkage 12 
Satoru Nakajima Tyrrell-Cosworth  36 Spin 21 
dq 20 Nelson Piquet Benetton-Cosworth  35 Push Start After Spin 10 
Alain Prost Ferrari  30 Battery 
19 Alessando Nannini Benetton-Cosworth  20 Oil Pressure/engine 16 
David Brabham Brabham-Judd  16 Cv Joint 25 
16 Ivan Capelli Leyton House-Judd  13 Brakes 23 
25 Nicola Larini Ligier-Cosworth  12 Differential 17 
30 Aguri Suzuki Lola-Lamborghini  11 Electrics 15 
23 Pierluigi Martini Minardi-Cosworth  Ignition 
12 Martin Donnelly Lotus-Lamborghini  Transmission 11 
Stefano Modena Brabham-Judd  Differential 14 
21 Emanuele Pirro Dallara-Cosworth  Fuel Vaporization 
nq Michele Alboreto Arrows-Cosworth    27 
nq 14 Olivier Grouillard Osella-Cosworth    28 
nq 15 Mauricio Gugelmin Leyton House-Judd    29 
nq 33 Roberto Moreno EuroBrun-Judd    30 
npq 17 Gabriele Tarquini AGS-Cosworth    31 
npq 18 Yannick Dalmas AGS-Cosworth    32 
npq 34 Claudio Langes EuroBrun-Judd    33 
npq 31 Bertrand Gachot Coloni-Subaru    34 
npq 39 Bruno Giacomelli Life    35