Walter Brun and Paolo Pavanello had both enjoyed successful careers in different areas of motor racing, Brun as a sportscar driver and team owner and Pavanello with the Euroracing Formula 3 team and with the Euroracing Alfa Romeo team in F1. After Alfa Romeo decided to withdraw from F1 at the end of 1985 Pavanello began looking for alternative projects. A union was agreed, with Brun looking after the business side of the operation and Pavanello supplying the technical back-up and engineers.The team used the Euroracing base at Senago and former Alfa Romeo designer Mario Tolentino drew the ER188, which was powered by a Cosworth DFZ engine. The team ran two cars in 1988 for Oscar Larrauri and Stefano Modena but neither qualified often and no points were scored. At the end of the year Brun began looking for an alternative team and tried to buy Lotus and Brabham in league with Swiss financier Joachim Luhti, golfer Greg Norman and journalist Peter Windsor. In the end these failed and Brun was forced to go it alone. In February 1989 he hired former Ferrari designer George Ryton to establish a British chassis-building operation called Brun Technics, while Euroracing's Bruno Zava updated the ER188 to "B" specification for Judd V8 engines after a planned deal with Austrian engine company Neotech failed to get off the ground because of lack of finance.Gregor Foitek was signed to drive but failed to qualify for any races. The new ER189 appeared for the first time at the German GP but soon afterwards Foitek left the team and Larrauri was called back, although he failed to qualify for a single race with the ER189.A frustrated Ryton designed a "B" version of the ER189 for the 1990 season but then left to join Tyrrell. The team hired drivers Roberto Moreno and Claudio Langes and while the car was obviously not bad there was no money for development, despite the best efforts of Dutch engineer Kees Van der Grint. Moreno escaped from pre-qualifying on five occasions and raced twice. Langes never escaped from pre-qualifying. The team closed down at the end of the European season.