No F1 budget cap cheats found says FIA

All ten teams have been shown the green light by Formula 1's budget cap police.

Italian GP 2023
© Alfa Romeo

Recently, with Red Bull and Aston Martin found in breach last year, it was rumoured that up to three teams were once again under close scrutiny by the FIA for potentially overspending.

The governing body's auditors even carried out extensive checks of top teams' non-F1 activities to see if clever spending loopholes had been exploited, the FIA announced this week.

But according to Auto Motor und Sport, the teams' own documentation was all lodged in time for a late February deadline. The auditors then spent six months looking at the numbers, correspondent Tobias Gruner said.

F1's Paris-based ruling federation now confirms: The FIA cost cap administration has issued certificates of compliance to all of the ten competitors.