APRIL 6, 2018

Hamilton eyeing key F1 meetings in Bahrain

F1's future is speeding ahead in Bahrain.

F1's future is speeding ahead in Bahrain.

Some are predicting Friday fireworks, when Liberty Media presents its potentially explosive financial and engine plans for 2021 to the teams and manufacturers.

But the next day, the FIA and Liberty will head another meeting, to urgently discuss the 'overtaking problem' as was seen in Melbourne.

Auto Motor und Sport claims that one solution could be banning the 'cascade' elements on the front wings, while expanding the DRS effect is another proposal.

Time is short before any changes for 2019 can be set in stone, but other rule tweaks for next year are close to being agreed.

Heavy drivers, for instance, will no longer be penalised as a new 'driver plus seat' minimum weight of 80kg will be introduced.

Renault's upwards-pointing exhaust will be banned for 2019, but proposed aesthetic changes to the controversial 'Halo' system have reportedly been scrapped.

World champion Lewis Hamilton, who is out of contract at the end of the year, said he is awaiting with interest the outcome of the meetings about the future.

"It (Liberty's plans) will be great to know. Maybe it affects the driver market, maybe it doesn't. But it comes at a good time as I haven't put pen to paper," he said.