SEPTEMBER 27, 2022

F1 boss Brawn stepping back from role

Formula 1's managing director Ross Brawn says he wants to 'step back' from his role.

Ross Brawn, Singapore GP 2018
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Formula 1's managing director Ross Brawn says he wants to 'step back' from his role.

Having entered retirement in the wake of his leading roles at Ferrari and Mercedes and even a year as Brawn GP team owner, the 67-year-old returned to F1 in 2017 to work for the sport's new owners Liberty Media.

"Life is more about survival right now," the Briton told Sport1.

"Due to the pandemic and the war in Ukraine, it was and is not that easy for everyone. That's why I'm stepping back in Formula 1."

Recent paddock rumours have suggested Brawn will return to retirement at the end of the year.

"I want to cut back significantly, let's put it that way," he admits.

"I will continue to be available with my expertise, but I will no longer be responsible for one area every day. That means I will take care of my children and grandchildren more, go fishing more and take care of my garden."

Brawn said his role with Liberty was significantly less pressure than working with a team, so he rules out returning to the pitwall.

"Today, I enjoy helping to generate new fans. For example, we have more female followers than before," he said.

He says he is also "very satisfied" with the success of the new ground effect aerodynamic regulations that made their debut in 2022.

"The cars can race closer together and overtake more easily," said Brawn. "So it's all worked out fine.

"The fact that some teams adapted to the rules better while others are more upset is Formula 1 folklore. We knew it would be like that," he added.

"It particularly affected Mercedes but they're not idiots. They'll figure it out."