Monaco GP 1958

Monaco GP, 1958

Ferrari had won the non-championship Syracuse and International Trophy races in the Spring with the new Ferrari Dino 246s and so they were expected to do well in Monaco but after practice there were British cars monopolizing the two front rows of the grid with Tony Brooks on pole with his Vanwall, Jean Behra second in a BRM and Jack Brabham completing the front row in his Cooper. The second row featured Roy Salvadori in the second factory Cooper and Maurice Trintignant in a Rob Walker Cooper. Mike Hawthorn's Ferrari shared row three with the Vanwalls of Stuart Lewis-Evans and Stirling Moss.

It was a significant event in that it marked the World Championship debut of Team Lotus with drivers Cliff Allison and Graham Hill. It also saw a revival at international level of a Connaught team, Bernie Ecclestone having bought the cars. Bruce Kessler, Paul Emery and Ecclestone himself all tried to qualify the cars but without success.

The race saw Salvadori take the lead at the start from Brooks and Behra but the Englishman went wide at the first corner and had to pit after his suspension was bent by contact with another car. Behra thus took the lead from Brooks, Brabham and Moss. Hawthorn was the star of the early laps as he moved up to third place by lap eight. It would be another 11 laps before the Ferrari passed Brooks, who was suffering from a misfire which would lead to his retirement on lap 22. While this was going on Moss was closing up on Hawthorn. Behra went into the pits with brake trouble sooner afterwards and so Hawthorn and Moss began to battle for the lead. Moss took the lead on lap 33 but he retired with an engine failure five laps later and so Hawthorn was back in the lead. On lap 46 he stopped with a broken fuel pump. This left Trintignant in the lead in his Cooper and with a lead of 40 seconds he was safe for the rest of the event, being followed home by Musso and a recovering Behra. Brabhham finished fourth with Schell and Allison being credited with fifth and sixth places, despite finishing many laps behind.

20 Maurice Trintignant Cooper-Climax T45 100 2h52m27.900s  
34 Luigi Musso Ferrari D246 100 2h52m48.100s  10 
36 Peter Collins Ferrari D246 100 2h53m06.700s  
16 Jack Brabham Cooper-Climax T45 97  
Harry Schell BRM P25 91  12 
40 Wolfgang von Trips Ferrari D246 91 Engine 11 
24 Cliff Allison Lotus-Climax 12 87  13 
58 Jo Bonnier Maserati 250F 71 Accident 16 
26 Graham Hill Lotus-Climax 12 69 Engine 15 
18 Roy Salvadori Cooper-Climax T45 56 Gearbox 
38 Mike Hawthorn Ferrari D246 47 Fuel Pump 
28 Stirling Moss Vanwall VW (57) 38 Engine 
Jean Behra BRM P25 30 Brakes 
46 Giorgio Scarlatti Maserati 250F 27 Engine 14 
30 Tony Brooks Vanwall VW (57) 22 Spark Plugs 
32 Stuart Lewis-Evans Vanwall VW (57) 12 Steering 
nq 22 Ron Flockhart Cooper-Climax T43   17 
nq Francisco Godia-Sales Maserati 250F   18 
nq 50 Ken Kavanagh Maserati 250F   19 
nq 50 Luigi Taramazzo Maserati 250F   20 
nq 48 Gerino Gerini Maserati 250F   21 
nq 12 Bruce Kessler Connaught-Alta B   22 
nq 14 Paul Emery Connaught-Alta B   23 
nq 44 Maria Teresa de Fillipis Maserati 250F   24 
nq 56 Andre Testut Maserati 250F   25 
nq 56 Louis Chiron Maserati 250F   26 
nq 52 Giulio Cabianca OSCA    27 
nq 54 Luigi Piotti OSCA    28 
nq 42 Horace Gould Maserati 250F   29 
nq 12 Bernie Ecclestone Connaught-Alta B   30