Monaco GP 1955

Monaco GP, 1955

Grand Prix racing returned to Monte Carlo for the first time since 1950 and there was a good turnout despite the fact that only 20 cars would be allowed to start. Mercedes-Benz arrived with two short wheelbase cars and these were driven by Juan-Manuel Fangio and Stirling Moss while Hans Herrmann was given one of the usual cars. He crashed heavily and injured himself quite badly and Andre Simon was called in to replace him. Fangio took pole position but Moss was pushed back to third on the grid by Alberto Ascari in his Lancia. Eugenio Castellotti's Lancia shared the second row with Jean Behra's Maserati while the similar cars of Roberto Mieres and Luigi Musso were split by Gigi Villoresi's Lancia on row three. Further back Mike Hawthorn made his first appearance in a World Championship event in his Vanwall.

At the start Fangio managed to get ahead at the first corner and was followed by Castellotti, Moss and Ascari. Farina was an early casualty with a damaged wheel which needed replacing. Castellotti was able to hold off Moss for the first five laps but by then Fangio was too far ahead for Moss to be able to catch him. Ascari scrambled past Castellotti but the two began to battle and Behra joined in and it was the Frenchman who finally emerged ahead. Castellotti had to pit because of a deflating tire and Behra had to call in for more oil.

Then Fangio stopped, the victim of a broken axle. Moss remained in the lead until the closing laps when his engine blew up. At almost the same moment Ascari, perhaps distracted by Moss's problems, crashed at the chicane and went straight into the harbor, through hay bales and sandbags. Fortunately he was not hurt and soon popped up and swan to safety. This left Trintignant in the lead and although Castelotti tried hard to catch him, the Frenchman came home the winner. Castellotti was second with Maserati's Cesare Perdisa third in Behra's car, the two men having switched cars in mid-race when Behra hit trouble.

44 Maurice Trintignant Ferrari 625 100 2h58m09.700s  
30 Eugenio Castellotti Lancia D50 100 2h58m30.000s  
3= 34 Jean Behra Maserati 250F   
3= 34 Cesare Perdisa Maserati 250F 99   
42 Giuseppe Farina Ferrari 625 99  14 
28 Luigi Villoresi Lancia D50 99  
32 Louis Chiron Lancia D50 95  19 
10 Jacques Pollet Gordini T16 91  20 
r= 40 Cesare Perdisa Maserati 250F   11 
r= 40 Jean Behra Maserati 250F 86 Spin  
8= 48 Piero Taruffi Ferrari 555   15 
8= 48 Paul Frere Ferrari 555 86   
Stirling Moss Mercedes-Benz-Mercedes W196 81  
26 Alberto Ascari Lancia D50 80 Accident 
46 Harry Schell Ferrari 555 68 Engine 18 
36 Roberto Mieres Maserati 250F 64 Mechanical 
12 Elie Bayol Gordini T16 63 Mechanical 16 
Juan-Manuel Fangio Mercedes-Benz-Mercedes W196 49 Transmission 
Robert Manzon Gordini T16 38 Gearbox 13 
Andre Simon Mercedes-Benz-Mercedes W196 24 Engine 10 
18 Mike Hawthorn Vanwall VW (55) 22 Throttle Linkage 12 
14 Louis Rosier Maserati 250F Fuel Tank 17 
38 Luigi Musso Maserati 250F Transmission 
nq 22 Lance Macklin Maserati 250F   21 
nq 24 Ted Whiteaway HWM-Alta (53)   22 
ns Hans Herrmann Mercedes-Benz-Mercedes W196  Accident/ Injury 23