Bernard Collomb

A garage owner from Nice Collomb raced motorcycles and then in 1960 switched to Formula 2 in a Cooper-Climax 45. He tended to score results only when everyone else had retired. He started 1961 in the same car in the Intercontinental Formula but then switched to become a Formula 1 privateer with a Cooper-Climax 53, making his debut at Aspern in Austria. His first World Championship Grand Prix was at Reims in July 1961 although he also raced at the German GP at the Nurburgring, where he was disqualified for pushing his car. He began 1962 badly crashing in Brussels and his car was destroyed in the ensuing fire. He bought another Cooper 53 from Reg Parnell and was back in action in time for the F1 race at Solitude. He qualified for the German GP but went out after only three laps with engine failure. For the 1963 season he bought a Lotus-Climax 24 from the factory team and continued the same kind of program, failing to qualify at Monaco but starting the German GP. In 1964 he did just a couple of races and after to failing to qualify at Monaco once again decided to give up F1 and switched back to F2 with little success and by 1968 had abandoned single seaters in favor of small capacity GT racing.