Todt calls for the commissioner
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AUGUST 5, 2009

Todt calls for the commissioner

Jean Todt is proposing that each FIA World Championship should have its own commissioner, responsible for the federation's day-to-day management and governance of the championship.

"The Commissioner will represent the FIA in all regulatory and commercial issues relating to the championship,

reporting to the World Council and relevant sporting commissions. A system of Commissioners will reduce the need for the FIA President,or Deputy to become directly involved in any particular Championship and give more time to the leadership to concentrate on the strategic management of the FIA as a whole embracing the twin pillars of both mobility and motor sport".

It is a good idea, but clearly the choice of commissioner will be important.

Todt's team is also proposing a system of dispute resolution that is "fair and transparent"

"Stewards play a crucial role in the governance of motor sport, ensuring fair play, safety and respect for

the rules. As volunteers they make an enormous contribution to every event on the International Sporting Calendar. Serving as a steward is a challenging role requiring tough and independent decision-making

where all too often the right decision is not necessarily the most popular. At the same time public and competitor confidence in the stewards is vital. We, therefore, propose to establish a Stewards Review Group

to examine improvements to the stewarding system of the FIA's major championships, and also to explore the development of stewards training courses to encourage their professional development. Traditionally the World Motor Sport Council has taken a direct role in investigating, and deciding on disciplinary matters referred to it under the International Sporting Code. Such cases can be both very time-consuming, and controversial. Given that the World Council is the principle executive arm of the FIA's system of governance, we propose that a separate Disciplinary Panel be established which will carry out investigations, hold hearings and recommended possible penalties to the World Council. This will ensure that there is a greater separation between the disciplinary process and the World Council whilst retaining the latter's final authority over any possible sanction."

Once again this is a good idea, but the membership of the panel is clearly going to be important.

Todt is also proposing regional centres of excellence.

"Motor sport is entering a global age in which the aspiration to race or rally can be found in all regions of the world. The rapid increase in the use of motor vehicles in Africa, Asia and Latin America is extending still further the scope for motor sport to reach new competitors and audiences. The FIA must respond to this era of growth and develop its leadership role in promoting safe, sustainable and affordable motorsport. To do this we believe the FIA should establish Regional Centres of Excellence that can serve as multi-purpose venues for competition, training and regional co-ordination.

"Such centres could become th catalyst for programmes of assistance for young drivers, officials and volunteer training, club development and member recruitment. The FIA Foundation and the FIA Institute for Motor Sport Safety are potential partners in establishing such regional centres in partnership with our ASNs and we would propose jointly creating a project group with them to explore this proposal in detail."

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