22 MAY 2015

Ecclestone faces $1.6 billion tax bill

British tax authorities have resumed a $1.6 billion pursuit of F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone.

Surveys in vogue as F1 asks fans for help

Bernie Ecclestone gave the F1 drivers his support as they launched a global fan survey in Monaco.

Race to be tyre supplier in 2017 begins

F1's governing body has launched the official tender process for the selection of the tyre supplier in 2017 and beyond.

Alonso struggling to admit McLaren mistake

Felipe Massa says his former Ferrari teammate Fernando Alonso made a clear "mistake" in leaving the Italian team.

Now Hulkenberg linked with Ferrari move

The latest name linked with a move to Ferrari is Nico Hulkenberg.

Verstappen steals the show in Monaco

Max Verstappen is threatening to steal the show in Monaco.

Vettel featured in giant cigarette ads

Sebastian Vettel says he has no problem being featured as the new 'Marlboro man'.

Force India B car failed crash test?

The debut of Force India's much-needed 'B' car in Austria is now in doubt.

Bianchi family must consider death

Jules Bianchi's father has admitted the family is having to consider the idea of the unconscious F1 driver's death.

21 MAY 2015

Practice 2 Report - Rain Check

Monaco GP - Practice 2 Report

Thursday Photos

Monaco GP - Thursday Photos

Thursday Press Conference

Monaco GP - Thursday Press Conference

Thursday Team Quotes

Monaco GP - Thursday Team Quotes

Practice 2 Results

Monaco GP - Practice 2 Results

Practice 1 Report - Home Start

Monaco GP - Practice 1 Report

Practice 1 Results

Monaco GP - Practice 1 Results

Hamilton deserves his millions says Lauda

Lewis Hamilton deserves what he will earn under the terms of his new Mercedes contract.

Rosberg surprised by Hamilton qualifying choice

Nico Rosberg furrowed his brow on Wednesday when told about teammate Lewis Hamilton's Monaco strategy.

Red Bull admitting own car problems now says Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo says Red Bull can no longer complain only about its struggling 'power unit'.

Ferrari to try again with Barcelona upgrade

Ferrari is persevering with a major car upgrade that did not work last time out in Barcelona.

Alonso says slow F1 took a wrong turn

Last decade, F1 took a wrong turn, according to Fernando Alonso, as at Monaco on Wednesday the topic of whether 'the show' is delivering for the fans was front and centre.

Too soon for Ferrari silly season says Bottas

Valtteri Bottas on Wednesday said the 'silly season' has come too soon.

Grosjean to keep sitting out Fridays

Romain Grosjean will continue to give up his cockpit in Friday practice sessions in 2015.

Hinchliffe injuries unlikely in F1

A horror crash like the one suffered by Indycar star James Hinchcliffe is unlikely in formula one.

Pirelli not sure F1 needs tyre war

Pirelli is not sure a 'tyre war' is the solution to F1's problems.

F1 recalls Bianchi miracle on Monaco return

The entire world of F1 is thinking of Jules Bianchi this weekend.

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Straight Talk - Audi closes in on f1 entry

By Luis Vasconcelos

Audi's long awaited arrival in the Formula One World Championship got one step closer recently with Ferdinand Piech's forced decision to resign from the Board of Directors of the Volkswagen Group.

Straight Talk - Grosjean for a top team!

By Luis Vasconcelos

Few sports, if any, have the technology to evaluate the quality of the performance of its stars that Formula One has. Inside each team they can analyse every action of their drivers in detail, as telemetry has developed in such a way that it's now impossible for a driver to hide even the tinniest mistake from his engineers.

Straight Talk - Less Bickering, More Work

By Luis Vasconcelos

Few things are uglier and more embarrassing for those forced to watch and listen than a couple arguing in public, so Red Bull and Renault have been giving the Formula One fans the kind of spectacle we all want to avoid seeing. In spite of the tremendous success the Red Bull-Renault partnership enjoyed between 2010 and 2013.

Straight Talk - Hold your (prancing) horses!

By Luis Vasconcelos

Don't you just love Formula One? Just when even the insiders criticise the lack of excitement in the races we're treated to a cracking Malaysian Grand Prix that had every real fan on the edge of their seat watching, in disbelief, as Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari beat Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes.

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