2 MAY 2016

Race Report - 007

Russian GP - Race Report

Ferrari must close gap quickly says Marchionne

Ferrari president Sergio Marchionne on Monday said he is sure the Maranello team will bounce back from its current dip.

Mercedes eyes step back to recover reliability

Mercedes chiefs Niki Lauda and Toto Wolff say priority number 1 is for the reigning champions to solve car reliability problems.

Marko to have serious word with Kvyat

Maurizio Arrivabene on Sunday said Daniil Kvyat could mount no justified defense of his driving after colliding with Sebastian Vettel twice at Sochi.

Ferrari won't give up on 2016 title says Arrivabene

Maurizio Arrivabene insists Ferrari must keep its eye on the goal of winning the 2016 world championship.

Ecclestone still waiting for Monza GP progress

Bernie Ecclestone has suggested the uncertainty over the future of Monza's F1 race could continue to drag.

Mercedes gap to rivals is catastrophic

A Russian official on Sunday expressed concern that Mercedes' continuing dominance is hurting formula one.

Father has accepted Ratzenberger death

22 years on, the father of Roland Ratzenberger says he and his wife have accepted the tragic death of their son.

Mick missing Michael on road to F1

Max Verstappen has predicted a tough road to formula one for another son of a famous former driver.

1 MAY 2016

Mercedes blasts anti-Hamilton conspiracy

Mercedes on Sunday rubbished suggestions Lewis Hamilton's horror run of bad luck so far in 2016 may be a conspiracy.

Kvyat phoned Vettel after Sochi crashes

Daniil Kvyat on Sunday said he had spoken with Sebastian Vettel on the phone after the Russian grand prix.

FIA determined amid head protection opposition

F1 is pressing ahead with radical cockpit protection even though the sport's chief executive is opposed.

Race Notes - Rosberg wins Russian GP

Russian GP - Race Notes

Sunday Photos

Russian GP - Sunday Photos

Sunday Press Conference

Russian GP - Sunday Press Conference

Sunday Team Quotes

Russian GP - Sunday Team Quotes

Race Results

Russian GP - Race Results

Vettel sure Ferrari can win 2016 title

Sebastian Vettel insists the 2016 title race is not already over.

Tost happy with Toro Rosso lineup

Max Verstappen will continue to steal the limelight even though Carlos Sainz is also doing a good job.

Two Sauber figures absent in Russia

Monisha Kaltenborn is once again missing in action this weekend in Russia.

Button hopes to stay for Honda's new 2017 engine

Jenson Button has confirmed reports Honda is working on a major redesign of its F1 'power unit' for McLaren to use in 2017.

F1 says Azerbaijan fighting no threat to race

F1's governing body as well as supremo Bernie Ecclestone have backed Azerbaijan after declaring local fighting is no risk to the inaugural grand prix in Baku next month.

Lauda takes step back as television pundit

Niki Lauda is taking a step back from his full-time duties as the lead pundit for German television.

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Sideview Cartoon - Walk in Sochi

By Carlo Baffi

Walk in Sochi

Straight Talk - Can we have Christmas in April?

By Luis Vasconcelos

As I wait for my flight to Moscow for boarding, the people that will decide the future of Formula One should be arriving at Bernie Ecclestone's Biggin Hill airport for a meeting to decide the 2017 Regulations which need to be approved by next Saturday.

Sideview Cartoon - Art in Mercedes' Hospitality

By Carlo Baffi

Art in Mercedes' Hospitality

Straight Talk - Always look on the bright side of life

By Luis Vasconcelos

Formula One's ability to shoot itself in the foot has probably made you forget we've actually had two brilliant Grand Prix to start the 2016 season. Yes, Nico Rosberg won both races, but behind the two top teams there were plenty of battles to keep the fans entertained.

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