APRIL 4, 2018

Gasly backs Honda to improve

Pierre Gasly has backed Honda to up its game in 2018.

Pierre Gasly has backed Honda to up its game in 2018.

Following the McLaren-Honda split, Toro Rosso's hopes were high for its new engine partnership following a promising winter.

But then Australia was another bad race weekend for Honda.

"Honda is pushing hard because they want to show everyone that they can make good engines," Frenchman Gasly is quoted by Italy's Tuttosport.

"From the point of view of development, they are doing everything possible and we can already see some really positive progress," he said.

"We are working on upgrades but of course we know that we only have three engines for the season so we will have to see what is the best time to introduce them.

"Everything is going well," Gasly continued, "but it is necessary to give Honda time, because this is F1. Everyone is always making progress.

"For sure Honda cannot recover everything in three or four months, but in terms of a medium-long term collaboration, I think they have a great plan and are doing all the right moves," he added.