NOVEMBER 3, 2023

Audi chief says F1 entry schedule still on track

"No other decision" apart from entering Formula 1 in collaboration with Sauber has been taken by the Audi board.

Valtteri Bottas, Mexican GP 2023
© Alfa Romeo

That is the clear denial that has come from the mouth of Jurgen Rittersberger, the VW-owned German carmaker's chief financial officer and board member said at a meeting with business-related specialist media.

His comments come amid waves of rumours surrounding Audi's 2022 decision to progressively buy Sauber and compete in F1 from 2026 with its own power unit.

It has been claimed the decision could be scrapped altogether, or taken over by fellow Volkswagen brand Porsche. And the latest suggestion is that Toyota might even pick up the pieces and return to the grid.

Rittersberger, however, is quoted by Kolner Express newspaper as saying: We had a clear decision-making situation on the board of directors and the supervisory board.

However, that decision was made well over a year ago - and a new CEO, Gernot Dollner, has since taken over from F1 enthusiast Markus Duessmann. Dollner is believed to still be in a confidentially period, having switched from Porsche, and is therefore yet to add his comments to the story.

But new CEO Dollner is said to want to focus on production cars and cost-cutting instead, even though Rittersberger insists: "We are sticking to our schedules for entry (into F1) in 2026.

There is no other decision.