British GP 1964

British GP, 1964

With Aintree having been sold to a new owner and the future of the racing circuit uncertain as there were plans for the entire racecourse to be developed into a housing estate, the British Grand Prix moved to Brands Hatch, which had been been taken over in 1961 by Grovewood Securities and was being run by the ambitious John Webb.

The only major change in the entry was the replacement of Peter Arundell by Mike Spence, Arundell having injured himself very seriously the previous weekend in a Formula 2 race at Reims.

Practice witnessed the demolition of another BRP car when Trevor Taylor went off at Hawthorn Bend while there was much interest in a four-wheel-drive BRM which had been built in conjunction with the Ferguson company, which had produced a 4WD F1 car in 1961. This was driven by Richard Attwood but was withdrawn before the race.

The grid featured Jim Clark (Lotus), Graham Hill (BRM) and Dan Gurney (Brabham) on the front row with John Surtees (Ferrari) and Jack Brabham (Brabham) on row two. Behind them were Bruce McLaren (Cooper), Bob Anderson in a private Brabham and Lorenzo Bandini in the second Ferrari.

At the start of the race Clark took the lead from Gurney and Hill and on the second lap Hill moved ahead of the Brabham, which soon afterwards pitted with ignition problems. Clark and Hill then ran in close company while Surtees was third and Brabham fourth until he pitted to have his suspension checked. This put Bandini up into fourth place. The order remained unchanged at the front although Brabham recovered to take fourth from Bandini with 14 laps to go.

Jim Clark Lotus-Climax 25 80 2h15m07.000s  
Graham Hill BRM P261 80 2h15m09.800s  
John Surtees Ferrari 158 80 2h16m27.600s  
Jack Brabham Brabham-Climax BT7 79  
Lorenzo Bandini Ferrari 156 78  
10 Phil Hill Cooper-Climax T73 78  15 
19 Bob Anderson Brabham-Climax BT11 78  
Richie Ginther BRM P261 77  14 
Mike Spence Lotus-Climax 25 77  13 
10 11 Innes Ireland BRP-BRM MK 2 77  10 
11 20 Jo Siffert Brabham-BRM BT11 76  16 
12 18 Giancarlo Baghetti BRM P57 76  21 
13 Dan Gurney Brabham-Climax BT7 75  
14 22 John Taylor Cooper-Ford T73 56  20 
16 Jo Bonnier Brabham-BRM BT11 46 Brakes 
24 Peter Revson Lotus-BRM 24 43 Differential 22 
23 Ian Raby Brabham-BRM BT3 37 Mechanical 17 
17 Tony Maggs BRM P57 37 Gearbox 23 
12 Trevor Taylor Lotus-BRM 24 22 Driver Unfit (earlier Accident) 18 
14 Mike Hailwood Lotus-BRM 25 16 Mechanical 12 
15 Chris Amon Lotus-BRM 25 Clutch 11 
Bruce McLaren Cooper-Climax T73 Gearbox 
26 Frank Gardner Brabham-Ford BT10 Accident 19 
ns 21 Richard Attwood BRM P67  Withdrew 24 
nq 25 Maurice Trintignant BRM P57   25