Dutch GP 1964

Dutch GP, 1964

A fortnight after Graham Hill's victory in the opening round of the World Championship in Monaco, the Formula 1 teams gathered at Zandvoort. The BRP team was missing because it had run short of cars but otherwise the field was much as before although Rob Walker had a Brabham for Jo Bonnier. After qualifying Dan Gurney was on pole position in his factory Brabham, ahead of Jim Clark's Lotus and Graham Hill's BRM. On the second row of the 3-2-3 grid were the Ferrari of John Surtees and Bruce McLaren's Cooper with Peter Arundell (Team Lotus), Jack Brabham (Brabham) and Ritchie Ginther (BRM) on row three. Tony Maggs overturned his Scuderia Centro Sud BRM in practice but was unhurt, although he failed to make the start because the car was too badly damaged.

At the start Clark managed to squeeze into the lead, with G Hill and Gurney giving chase and the fast-starting Arundell in fourth. Surtees was the man on the move in the early part of the race as he overtook Arundell, Gurney and Hill but the 22nd lap. Gurney dropped out soon afterwards with a broken steering wheel. G Hill's BRM began to misfire and he gradually dropped back and was overtaken by Arundell on lap 47. Clark won by nearly a minute with Surtees second and Arundell a lap behind.

18 Jim Clark Lotus-Climax 25 80 2h07m35.400s  
John Surtees Ferrari 158 80 2h08m29.000s  
20 Peter Arundell Lotus-Climax 25 79  
Graham Hill BRM P261 79  
10 Chris Amon Lotus-BRM 25 79  13 
34 Bob Anderson Brabham-Climax BT11 78  11 
24 Bruce McLaren Cooper-Climax T73 78  
22 Phil Hill Cooper-Climax T73 76  
26 Jo Bonnier Brabham-BRM BT11 76  12 
10 32 Giancarlo Baghetti BRM P57 74  16 
11 Richie Ginther BRM P261 64  
12r 12 Mike Hailwood Lotus-BRM 25 57 Transmission 14 
13 36 Jo Siffert Brabham-BRM BT11 55  18 
14 Jack Brabham Brabham-Climax BT7 44 Ignition 
Lorenzo Bandini Ferrari 158 25 Fuel Injection Pump 10 
16 Dan Gurney Brabham-Climax BT7 23 Steering Wheel 
28 Carel Godin de Beaufort Porsche 718 Engine 17 
ns 30 Tony Maggs BRM P57  Accident 15