Ecurie Nationale Belge

There have been a variety of different Belgian "national" racing teams, notably Ecurie Belge in the early 1950s. This was followed by Ecurie Nationale Belge set up in 1959 by Jacques Swaters. It entered Belgian racing yellow F2 Cooper-Climax cars driven by various drivers including Lucien Bianchi, Olivier Gendebien, Andre Pilette, Andre Milhoux and Alain de Chagny in 1959. The team continued the following season with Paul Frere and Mauro Bianchi (Lucien's brother) also being seen in the cars and for 1961 the team moved into Grand Prix racing, acquiring a pair of Emeryson-Maseratis. Bianchi and Gendebien both crashed crashed heavily at Pau, the team's first event. The cars were run at various races driven by the Bianchi brothers, Gendebien, Pilette and Willy Mairesse. They were never very competitive and crashed rather too often. The team later switched to Lotus 18s but kept the Emerysons as a back-up.That winter it was decided to rebuild the Emeryson chassis, fit them with new bodies and rename them ENB-Maseratis. Lucien Bianchi drove one of the cars in the Brussels GP in April 1962 and the car reappeared at Pau, where Bianchi crashed it. Bianchi appeared with a Lotus at the Belgian GP but was back in the ENB at the Nurburgring in August. He finished last a lap down. The team then faded away.