Webber approaches the governing body
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JULY 2, 2010

Webber approaches the governing body

As if somersaulting at 190mph was not enough stress for one week, Mark Webber proved that he has fully recovered by getting up early for a 6am pit stop outside the Houses of Parliament in London.

The Aussie, with a few bruises to show for the battering he took in his horrendous accident in the European Grand Prix, took part in a Red Bull promotion which stunned early bird commuters in the capital just as Big Ben struck 6am. Webber pulled up outside the Houses of Parliament and the Red Bull team executed a 3.2s pit stop!

A smiling Webber said: "It's not every day you get to see the sights of London from an F1 car. This year has once again thrown up some interesting rule changes, so any practice the team can get is going to make a difference, no matter where it is!

You can watch the demonstration at this link: Mark Webber pit stop

Valencia is the first race this season in which Webber has failed to score and after damaging his Barcelona and Monaco race-winning chassis in Valencia as he dropped to fourth in the championship standings, will be looking to get his title challenge back on track at Silverstone, a race in which Red Bull finished 1-2 in 2009.

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