Singapore: tougher than Monaco?
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SEPTEMBER 22, 2011

Singapore: tougher than Monaco?

The Singapore Grand Prix has rapidly established itself as a classic 'event' on the F1 calendar. There seems does, however, seem to be some disagreement among the leading drivers as to whether it is now the toughest street challenge.

World Champion Sebastian Vettel thinks that it is, while Jenson Button thinks that Monaco is more challenging.

"In a way this is tougher than Monaco," Vettel said in Singapore. Over the last couple of years we have resurfaced Monaco again and again and tried to make it smoother and better, safer.

"This is the fourth time we've been here but it's much rougher than Monaco. It's very bumpy. At some places there's not a lot of room for mistakes, the lap is very long and there are so many corners. It's hot and humid. It's a different track to Monaco but I think it's tougher around here."

Button, however, says that Monaco is more mentally challenging.

"Monaco feels like it's three times as quick as any other circuit on the calendar," Button said. "Mentally it's very challenging. There are some very good high speed corners - Turn 3, Turn 4, Tabac, the Swimming Pool.

"Singapore is more physical because of the bumps and a lot of vibrations, the humidity and the lights. It's very draining and after the race if you see the drivers, it's the most tired they will look.

"For us the toughest thing is the light. They've done a good job with the floodlights but it's but it's very difficult to get every corner the same in terms of light contrast. Turn 5's pretty dark and a couple of others, but most of it is well lit. It's also very bumpy, so you're banging about in the cockpit."

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