Quiet times
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JUNE 30, 2009

Quiet times

The current lull in F1 activity has come about for several reasons. The FIA-FOTA dispute seemed to have been resolved but Max Mosley's suggestion that he might stand again in the FIA elections have reopened the possibility of conflict - and thus stopped all serious action in terms of sponsorships and driver movements. No-one is sure what will happen next, although the FOTA teams are of the opinion that they have a deal and that it is not going to change. They have studiously ignored being dragged into a "he said, she said" fight with Mosley. It is also quiet because this is the first time since the start of the season that the F1 teams have had two consecutive weekends without a race and with no testing it offered the chance for a break, although it will no doubt be quieter still in August when there is an even longer break after the Hungarian GP. The only stories kicking about as a result of this are regarding whether or not Fernando Alonso will be at Renault or Ferrari next year and a few suggestions as to who might be the FIA President if Mosley does not stand down as he has pledged to do.

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