Prodrive considers F1 for 2013?
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JANUARY 14, 2011

Prodrive considers F1 for 2013?

David Richards has said that Prodrive may have another look at Formula 1 when the regulations change in 2013.

Richards has been involved in F1 as far back as the late nineties, with Benetton, then as team principal of BAR before going a long way down the line with a 2008 entry with his Prodrive concern. That was to involve a tie-up with McLaren and Mercedes before plans to permit customer cars in F1 were reversed. Prodrive's 2009 entry was then unsuccessful and the team decided against re-applying.

Speaking at the Autosport International show in Birmingham, Richards said: "We always keep a close eye on everything, but my priority today is to get the Mini up and running for the World Rally Championship and to get Aston Martin competitive in time for Le Mans. The obvious next point to look at F1 is 2013 with the massive change in regulations that come along at that point in time, and if you were to consider an entry that would be the time to go."

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