Pirelli announces tyre compounds for Belgium, Italy and Singapore
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AUGUST 3, 2011

Pirelli announces tyre compounds for Belgium, Italy and Singapore

Pirelli has announced today the tyre compounds that will be used in the forthcoming Belgian, Italian and Singapore Grand Prix.

For Belgium and Italy the Italian tyre manufacturer will bring the white labeled medium and the yellow labeled soft compounds, which were most recently seen in the German and European GP's.

For the night race in Singapore they will provide the yellow labeled soft and the red labeled super soft tyres, which were previously used in Monaco, Canada and Hungary.

Paul Hembery, Pirelli's motorsport director said, "We're learning more and more with every race in our first year of Formula One, and fine-tuning our compound choices to benefit from the valuable information that we are accumulating. We've got three of the most thrilling races on the entire calendar coming up, and we believe that we've arrived at some tyre nominations that are very well-suited to the characteristics of these very different but equally exciting circuits. Of course there will always be some unknown factors “ such as the weather “ but the choices we have made are designed to help teams maximise both their performance and their race strategy."

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