New Jersey postponed until 2014
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OCTOBER 19, 2012

New Jersey postponed until 2014

America's second grand prix, provisionally scheduled on the 2013 F1 calendar for June 13, will not not now take place until a year later. The story broke in The Jersey Journal and has now been confirmed by F1 commerical rights holder Bernie Ecclestone.

Weehawken mayor Richard Turner said that race promoters are behind on road repairs and permits for the 3.2-mile course that will run alongside the Hudson River with Manhattan as a backdrop . Mr Ecclestone also said that race organisers were still looking for investors.

The 2013 schedue will now have a three week gap between the Canadian GP on June 9 and the British GP on June 30. Ecclestone has denied rumours that a race at Istanbul Park in Turkey could be slotted in as a New Jersey replacement.

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