Hamilton escapes hooning conviction
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AUGUST 24, 2010

Hamilton escapes hooning conviction

Lewis Hamilton has escaped a conviction but was fined the maximum Australian $500 (just over $US 440) for his 'hooning' episode in Melbourne.

Hamilton was pulled over by a Victoria state traffic policeman when he performed a burnout leaving the Albert Park circuit on the Friday evening prior to this year's Australian Grand Prix.

Hamilton was represented by a lawyer in the Melbourne court and did not contest the charge of 'inappropriate use of a motor vehicle.' He wrote a letter to the court expressing regret for a lapse of judgement and pointed out that he was unable to attend due to his "international racing duties" but asked that his non-attendance should not be viewed as a lack of respect.

Hamilton escaped a conviction due to it being a first offence. He also pointed out that he is involved in road safety work for Mercedes Benz, sponsor Johnny Walker and the FIA, and intends to continue that work. He also asked the court to take into consideration that he was still in full control of the car despite his offence.

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