Ferrari using Quest
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JULY 25, 2007

Ferrari using Quest

Ferrari is using Britain's Quest company for its investigations into the alleged espionage activities of Mike Coughlan. Quest is a private company that bills itself as "The Professional Intelligence Company". The London-based firm was founded by Nigel Layton, who was previously involved in fraud investigations at the accounting firm Price Waterhouse. He has recruited a number of high profile people to the board including former Metropolitan Police Commissioner Lord Stevens, Brigadier Dick Andrews, former head of army intelligence in Northern Island and Efraim Halevy, a former head of Mossad.

The company specialises in security-related matters notably asset tracking, crisis management, forensic accounting and surveillance.

Quest is best known for having conducted an inquiry into transfer fees for the Premier League soccer organisation but it has no more powers than any private individual in Britain and indeed in the course of its investigation of 362 transfers was unable to complete 17 investigations because those involved were unwilling to help.

What is not clear is why Ferrari is not embarking on a criminal action against Coughlan and why the team has made no move to take action against McLaren. It would be logical to do this - and indeed Ferrari did it in the case involving Toyota - unless, of course, there is insufficient evidence to make a case.

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