Fernandes dreams of a point in Singapore
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SEPTEMBER 19, 2011

Fernandes dreams of a point in Singapore

Team Lotus heads to Singapore with high hopes from a new floor and diffuser package.

Technical chief Mike Gascoyne said: "We approach Singapore in much the same way we do Monaco. We will be running with a maximum downforce package with the new floor and diffuser and bigger front brake ducts to cope with the brake cooling demands.

"The numbers from the wind-tunnel look pretty promising for the update to the floor so we will see what we have found when we get out on track. Because the track surface is very bumpy we have to run the cars at almost the highest ride-height settings of the season whilst also focusing on braking stability and maximising traction."

"Pirelli are bringing the soft and super soft compounds to Singapore and it will be interesting to see how teams deal with the degradation rates of both, especially in qualifying and in the race itself."

At last year's race, Heikki Kovalainen's spectacular fire, which the Finn extinguished himself, won the team the 'LG Moment of the Year" award.

Team owner Tony Fernandes said: "It would be great if we could win the 2011 Moment of the Year as well, by scoring our first point “ that would be daring to dream!"

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