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NOVEMBER 29, 2007

Alonso and Honda

There have been many rumours today about Fernando Alonso meeting up with Honda and supposedly having a seat fitting. These are not true but that does not mean that the Spaniard has not been talking to Honda. The big question is whether Honda is talking back. The bottom line is that a double World Champion in his prime is a rare thing to find on the F1 driver market and that means that probably all the teams have been talking to Alonso. It would be foolish not to.

But who knows where he will end up?

Clearly there is something holding back a decision about the future and one must assume that this is talk involving various teams rather than a straight deal with Renault which has been much discussed. The big question is which teams are involved. Red Bull Racing has embarrassed itself by being quite unable to get the story straight with some saying there are no talks and others saying there are talks. Toyota seems to have removed itself from the equation by signing Timo Glock but is that deal as solid as it seems? Honda says that talk of Alonso at Honda is "pure speculation" but that is not a denial. However there have been straight denials of meetings and seat fittings.

And in the meanwhile BMW and Williams have made no noises at all about Fernando. Both have drivers under contract and seem to be satisfied with that.

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