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AUGUST 31, 2007

Agag and Prodrive

Spanish wheeler-dealer Alejandro Agag has been publicly linked with the Super Aguri F1 team. This may be part of a negotiation process with another team or even a smokescreen to obscure his real intentions. Super Aguri is vulnerable at the moment and needs money and Agag seems to have access to money through his many international connections. But if one was looking at the F1 market today and had money to spend, it is an interesting thought that one would probably not go to Super Aguri or Spyker but rather to Prodrive, which has a most interedsting package for 2008, if it can find the money needed to pay McLaren for chassis.

Our spies in Spain tell us that Agag is probably the reason that there have been optimistic noises in recent weeks about the Prodrive F1 team, the latest suggestion being that Agag is working his way to a deal to get a percentage of Prodrive in exchange for sponsorship deals from Spanish companies such as oil company Repsol and perhaps a Spanish bank. McLaren test driver Pedro de la Rosa would likely be part of the package, a deal that would keep McLaren happy.

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