Dutch GP 1982

JULY 3, 1982

Dutch GP, 1982

After Nelson Piquet's win for Brabham-BMW in Canada there was a three-week break before the Dutch GP. Didier Pironi walked out of a second huge testing accident at Paul Ricard, the car somersaulting but staying on the track (unlike an earlier accident where he ended up in a spectator area). Team Lotus announced that its young test driver Roberto Moreno would replace the injured Nigel Mansell. Ferrari finally returned to two cars with Patrick Tambay joining Pironi while Osella (which had lost Riccardo Paletti an accident in Montreal) decided to field only one car. There was a change at Theodore as well as Jan Lammers was now back in action after missing the Canadian race with a broken thumb. Toleman was back in action as well with a much-modified car.

The two Renaults shared the front row as usual with Rene Arnoux ahead of Alain Prost while Piquet was third and Pironi fourth. The first non-turbo was Niki Lauda's McLaren in fifth which shared the third row with Tambay's Ferrari. the top 10 was completed by Keke Rosberg (Williams), Bruno Giacomelli and Andrea de Cesaris in their Alfa Romeos and Riccardo Patrese's Brabham. Derek Warwick was 13th in the Toleman although Teo Fabi once again failed to qualify. Also failing to qualify was Eddie Cheever in the Talbot Ligier JS19, the team having decided to concentrate on the new car rather than using the older JS17s. Also out was Moreno who was obviously not ready for F1.

At the start Prost took the lead with Arnoux, Pironi, Tambay, Lauda and Piquet chasing. Pironi quickly overtook Arnoux and Piquet blasted past both Lauda and Tambay.

At the start of the fifth lap Pironi took the lead and began to pull away. Further back Piquet overtook Arnoux and behind them Rosberg was able to overtake Lauda and then Tambay but then things began to settle down until lap 22 when Arnoux went out in spectacular fashion, going straight on at Tarzan when a wheel fell off. The car went straight into the barriers. The monocoque broke but absorbed the impact and Arnoux emerged unscathed. In the laps that followed Piquet closed on Prost and took second on lap 30. Three laps later Prost retired with engine failure. Rosberg was third with Lauda fourth and Derek Daly (Williams) fifth and that is how they stayed until the finish. The final point went to Mauro Baldi's Arrows after Tambay and Michele Alboreto (Tyrrell) faded.

And, amazingly, Derek Warwick's Toleman set the fastest lap.

28 Didier Pironi Ferrari  72 1h38m03.254s  
Nelson Piquet Brabham-BMW  72 1h38m24.903s  
Keke Rosberg Williams-Cosworth  72 1h38m25.619s  
Niki Lauda McLaren-Cosworth  72 1h39m26.974s  
Derek Daly Williams-Cosworth  71  12 
30 Mauro Baldi Arrows-Cosworth  71  16 
Michele Alboreto Tyrrell-Cosworth  71  14 
27 Patrick Tambay Ferrari  71  
John Watson McLaren-Cosworth  71  11 
10 29 Marc Surer Arrows-Cosworth  71  17 
11 23 Bruno Giacomelli Alfa Romeo  70   
12 Manfred Winkelhock ATS-Cosworth  70  18 
13 10 Eliseo Salazar ATS-Cosworth  70  25 
14 31 Jean-Pierre Jarier Osella-Cosworth  69  23 
15 Riccardo Patrese Brabham-BMW  69  10 
17 Jochen Mass March-Cosworth  60 Engine 24 
33 Jan Lammers Theodore-Cosworth  41 Engine 26 
11 Elio de Angelis Lotus-Cosworth  40 Handling 15 
22 Andrea de Cesaris Alfa Romeo  35 Electrics 
15 Alain Prost Renault  33 Engine 
16 Rene Arnoux Renault  21 Suspension/accident 
Brian Henton Tyrrell-Cosworth  21 Throttle Linkage 20 
18 Raul Boesel March-Cosworth  21 Engine 22 
20 Chico Serra Fittipaldi-Cosworth  18 Fuel Pump 19 
35 Derek Warwick Toleman-Hart  15 Oil Union Leak 13 
26 Jacques Laffite Talbot Ligier-Matra  Handling 21 
nq 14 Roberto Guerrero Ensign-Cosworth    27 
nq 36 Teo Fabi Toleman-Hart    28 
nq 25 Eddie Cheever Talbot Ligier-Matra    29 
nq 12 Roberto Moreno Lotus-Cosworth    30 
npq 19 Emilio de Villota March-Cosworth    31