Wanna buy an F1 car with traction control?
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NOVEMBER 11, 2009

Wanna buy an F1 car with traction control?

The Benetton-Ford B194 was the car that helped Michael Schumacher win his first Drivers' World Championship, admittedly in controversial circumstances when he nerfed Damon Hill off the track in Adelaide. There was also much controversy at the time about whether or not the car was using traction-control, which was illegal. The FIA found a system in the car's software, during a routine check at Imola in 1994 but the federation was never able to prove that the system had been used.

One of the cars has been put up for auction an ebay. This is believed to be the Adelaide car. It is equipped with a Ford-Cosworth Zetec-R 3.5 litres V8 engine.

"The car is in condition as in the 1994 Formula 1 season with paddle shift and traction control," the advertising reads. "The car is in racing condition, with the painting and sponsoring scheme as in 1994."

The engine was overhauled by Langford Performance Engineering/Wellingborough (UK) and was since then just running a few minutes for test and check reasons.

The car is located in Canada /Toronto.

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