Villeneuve still trying comeback trail
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JULY 19, 2010

Villeneuve still trying comeback trail

Jacques Villeneuve has been linked to Durango's application for the 13th place on the F1 grid. Villeneuve, 39, won the championship for Williams 13 years ago and was looking to return to the F1 grid this year, alongside old foe Michael Schumacher.

Villeneuve spoke to Stefan GP about a seat with the abortive Serbian project and there is scepticism about whether Durango, which has dropped out of the GP2 series, will satisfy the FIA's due diligence procedure sufficiently to secure a place in F1. The governing body is due to make a decision by next month, which was already considered to be too late by the crack ART outfit, which has decided against an F1 graduation.

Villeneuve last drove in F1 for Sauber in 2006 before being dropped in favour of Robert Kubica. Durango's Ivone Pinton ran Villeneuve in the Middle Eastern Speedcar series however, and commented: "As well as driving, Jacques is preparing for when he hangs up his helmet."

Villeneuve recently conceded that he was working hard on an F1 project, without revealing any further details but contemporary Eddie Irvine labelled his Stefan GP plans "a bit desperate." Irvine, a talkSPORT F1 pundit these days, told F1 Racing magazine, "He's got to race something, he's got no other strings to his bow."

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