Vettel celebrates with Beatles karaoke!
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OCTOBER 13, 2011

Vettel celebrates with Beatles karaoke!

Sebastian Vettel, Japanese GP 2011
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Sebastian Vettel arrived in Korea fresh from celebrating his second world championship by singing Beatles and Frank Sinatra songs in Japan.

"We had a busy Sunday after the race in Suzuka!" the latest of F1's nine back-to-back champions smiled in Korea.

"I was in the bar with the boys and had a good time doing some karaoke. It was a very good night, very special. Everyone had a couple of drinks and was very happy.

"I did Yellow Submarine, Hey Jude and My Way. Michael (Schumacher) came and joined us and we had a couple of drinks together and after that I started mixing drinks a bit and felt worse - not the best strategy!

"On Monday I had an Infiniti event in Tokyo and saw lots of fans. On Tuesday I got a bit of time to myself and allowed myself to have things sink in a bit. It was a good time in Tokyo and then I came down to the track, unfortunately without time to see much of Korea, although I hear good things about Seoul."

Vettel confirmed that with his second title in the bag he will be out to make up for the Suzuka reversal -- where he finished third to Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso -- in Korea and for the rest of the season.

"When I crossed the line in Japan I knew we could have done a bit better. I would love to have won and will try to get another win this weekend. The championship doesn't change our approach.

"It's true that in other races we often had the luxury to go a lap longer with the tyres, whereas at Suzuka we were the ones stopping earlier than we wanted or expected. We suffered more tyre degradation than we thought.

"We have a couple of ideas about that and think we understand why the tyre wear was more, but we need to come here and confirm it because I think the tyre approach here is very aggressive.

"There will certainly be more than two stops but if it's wet in Friday practice (which is what the forecasts are currently saying) and then dry for the race, it won't give us much of an idea."

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