OCTOBER 22, 2023

Verstappen says his F1 mission is complete

Max Verstappen is already working on his post-Formula 1 plans, insisting he has already achieved everything he wanted to in motor racing's top category.

Max Verstappen, United States GP 2023
© Red Bull

The Red Bull driver has utterly dominated his third consecutive drivers' title this year, but he is at least committed contractually to Red Bull through 2028.

I want to stay at the top now in F1, he told DAZN in an exclusive interview in Austin. That is my dream and I want to work hard for it.

But I also have other passions, the 26-year-old Dutchman added.

I want to do endurance racing, I want to set up my own team - probably an endurance or touring car team, he said.

Indeed, Verstappen is already dabbling in team ownership and management, with the Redline sim racing operation but also backing Thierry Vermeulen - the son of his manager Raymond Vermeulen - in DTM.

Verstappen says his success means he is able to look beyond the F1 paddock.

Probably now I am more at peace also due to the results, he said.

"When you are young, you dream of achieving a victory, you dream of a podium, you dream of a world championship. Well, I have already achieved all of that.

"I think my mission in F1 has already been completed, but now I want to continue at the top because I like what I am doing and I am enjoying it. But it's different now.

Also as a person I have also grown. I am not the same as when I was 17 or 18 years old. Sometimes I still get angry, but it is more because I don't like losing or I always want to give my best.

Verstappen said last week that the relates the most in Formula 1 to Fernando Alonso, the legendary two-time world champion who is still at the top of his game at the age of 42.

Max makes clear that he doesn't want to emulate the Spaniard.

I won't be in F1 at his age, he insisted.

He's doing very well. I talk to him to find out how he feels, what he does to stay in shape. But the logical thing is that I can't last as long as him, although I respect him a lot.