MAY 8, 2024

US congress demands answers from F1 by May 21

The Judiciary Committee of the United States federal congress has formally opened an investigation into why Andretti-Cadillac was barred from entering Formula 1.

Miami GP 2024
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A week ago, twelve congress members went public and signed a joint letter to F1 owner Liberty Media outlining their concerns with the apparent anti-competitive actions that could prevent two American companies, Andretti Global and General Motors, from producing and competing in Formula 1.

Andretti officials were then due to meet with Liberty and F1 officials at the Miami GP. Congressman John James said before that meeting: "We will have our questions answered.

And those who are seeking to take advantage will be held accountable.

Now, NBC News reports that an investigation of the powerful House Judiciary Committee, chaired by well-known politician Jim Jordan, has been triggered.

In a new letter addressed by Liberty Media CEO Greg Maffei and F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali, Jordan wrote that he suspected Andretti was being excluded purely for financial reasons.

Delaying Andretti-Cadillac's entry into Formula 1 for even one year will harm American consumers to benefit failing Formula 1 teams, he wrote.

Limiting the number of teams will increase the price of sponsoring or buying into an existing team. As the Committee examines this matter and considers potential legislation around the structure and competition of sports leagues, we write to request a staff-level briefing on the decision to deny Andretti-Cadillac's application to join Formula 1.

Jordan's letter also asked F1 to produce evidence relating to the process for evaluating the entry of new teams by May 21.

Andretti Global said in a statement: We're glad that the House Judiciary Committee has decided to investigate the practices of Liberty Media and FOM, as called for last week by a bipartisan group of lawmakers.