The future of Filippi
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SEPTEMBER 21, 2007

The future of Filippi

Spies in Italy are nor always reliable (as we have seen this summer with regard to the Stepneygate business) and we are hearing that rumours about Luca Filippi joining Ferrari may be a little more than premature, as the young Italian appears to have been in earnest discussion with other teams and thus is not thought to have agreed anything. This leads to the question of why there were stories being put out about a Ferrari deal and whether these are significant or simply reporters getting ahead of themselves. With the current politicking down Maranello way anything is possible.

Filippi has the great good fortune to belong to the family that owns the Nord Diesel group, concessionaires for Volvo trucks for most of northern Italy, a healthy business to assist in the funding of a racing career and this would no doubt make him attractive to the smaller F1 teams. However, as his racing results have improved he is also becoming more interesting for those in the middle of the grid.

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