NOVEMBER 9, 2023

Sprints with triple header very difficult says Krack

Aston Martin team boss Mike Krack has voiced his reservations about the demanding nature of the modern Formula 1 race schedule - particularly when sprint races are coupled with gruelling triple-header weekends.

Fernando Alonso, Brazilian GP 2023
© Aston Martin Racing

To Servus TV, he remarked on the immense challenge posed by this combination, which has tested the limits of teams and personnel.

I think we have now found a good balance with six sprints in 24 races, said Krack, signalling a measured approval of the sprint race format that has become a controversially regular fixture in the F1 season.

The team boss, however, pointed out the intense pressure exerted on the teams when these sprints occur within an already packed itinerary.

You also have to realise that it is tough for the team if you have a triple-header overseas at the end of the year and then also two sprint races, said the Luxembourger.

2023's most recent late-season North American stretch, concluding with Brazil, was particularly demanding, as it wrapped up a consecutive series of three overseas race weekends - two of which adopted the sprint race format.

Krack underlined the extraordinary effort required from the teams to manage such a schedule. He explained the complexities introduced by the sprint races, saying, You only have a very short time in free practice and then you also have the Sprint Shootout, which of course throws the whole thing into disarray.

Furthermore, he critiqued the practical complications that sprint races can introduce. "Sometimes you choose a different strategic view. Some choose two cool down laps, others only do one.

And that always leads to cars bumping into each other on the track, he added, referring specifically to Interlagos.

The fact that it is a very short circuit with twenty cars obviously made it even more difficult. That always leads to problems, said Krack.