MARCH 4, 2019

Red Bull has competitive engine says Mateschitz

Red Bull finally has a "competitive engine".

Max Verstappen, Barcelona 2019
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Red Bull finally has a "competitive engine".

That is the view of team owner Dietrich Mateschitz, who made a rare visit to the Barcelona paddock last week.

He was there to check out progress at Red Bull Racing, which has dropped its customer Renault engines and teamed up with a works collaboration with Honda.

"The tests were a confirmation of our positive expectations, both in terms of the performance of the cars and the work of Honda," the Austrian billionaire told Speed Week.

"The cooperation is currently very satisfactory and promises much success," added Mateschitz.

"For the first time, we have a competitive engine."

Mateschitz also said Red Bull is set up well for the future with its key designer Adrian Newey, who in recent years has stepped away from F1 somewhat.

"Adrian is again so motivated that he will remain in formula one for a long time," Mateschitz said.