JUNE 18, 2024

Red Bull considering joining flexible front wing trend

Red Bull is threatening to produce its own flexible front wing if F1's governing body doesn't clamp down on the practice.

Max Verstappen, Canadian GP 2024
© Red Bull

It emerged recently that heated discussions are playing out behind the scenes as Red Bull's rapidly improving rivals McLaren, Mercedes and Ferrari push the limits with bendy wings.

The front wing plays a really big role now, you have to say, Auto Motor und Sport correspondent Michael Schmidt said.

In a follow-up report, the German journalist now reveals that It is suspected that the technical office at Aston Martin is also working on a similar solution.

Everyone has their own methods, an unnamed engineer is quoted as saying. "Some tilt the flaps backwards, others twist the whole wing or lower the wing tips.

No matter how it's done, it's always the same goal. You're looking for a good car balance for all types of corners.

Schmidt also quoted a Red Bull source as saying: If this continues to be tolerated, we will have to go the same way.