JUNE 20, 2024

Only FIA can clip Mercedes front wings, says Red Bull

Dr Helmut Marko admits Red Bull has concerns about the flexibility of some rival team's front wing designs - especially Mercedes.

George Russell, Canadian GP 2024
© Mercedes

As 2024 has progressed, Red Bull's dominance has begun to fade as Ferrari and McLaren in particular closed the gap.

But even Mercedes seems to finally be putting its struggles with the 2022 'ground effect' era in the past. Technical boss James Allison described of the breakthrough that it was a How could we have been so dumb-type moment.

It is believed Red Bull has asked the FIA to take a much closer look at how Mercedes' front wing in particular flexes at speed.

They have a new front wing, Red Bull's F1 consultant Marko told Osterreich newspaper, "and on the TV pictures from Montreal you can clearly see that (George) Russell and (Lewis) Hamilton's wings are bending noticeably.

However, the wings had the necessary strength when they were approved. It doesn't surprise me, he said. I don't know how often we had to check our wings.

Marko doesn't deny that he will be keeping a close eye on the scrutineering process this weekend in Barcelona.

Everything was ok (with the FIA) in Montreal. But there is a new inspection for Barcelona and Spielberg and so on, and it has to always be ok, he said.

And everyone is looking at the situation critically - not just us, he insisted.

When told that Red Bull is basically trying to clip Mercedes' wings, the 81-year-old laughed and replied: "A funny play on words. Something satirical.

But if that happens, it will be the FIA who did it.