FEBRUARY 22, 2024

Newey could be part of Hamilton bombshell?

Former Ferrari driver Mika Salo thinks there is more to the story when it comes to Lewis Hamilton's shock move from Mercedes to Maranello for 2025.

Adrian Newey, Las Vegas GP 2023
© Red Bull

Hamilton, 39, triggered an exit clause in his newly-signed 2-year contract and stunned his boss Toto Wolff with the bombshell impending team switch.

Finn Salo, who made his own surprise debut for Ferrari in 1999 when Michael Schumacher broke his leg, suspects there are major parts of the story that the world does not yet know.

I believe Hamilton knows something that the rest of us do not yet know, he told Iltalehti newspaper.

Whether it is related to the development of Ferrari's car or the staff of the team, it is difficult to say. However, there must be a reason why he made the decision to move. In light of the current power balance in F1, it would otherwise make no sense.

Seven time world champion Hamilton argues simply that it's always been his childhood dream to race in red - but 57-year-old Salo suspects that more bombshell news might still be brewing.

It's hard to assess how much Hamilton's arrival will impact Ferrari, he said. "Success involves so many other requirements than the driver.

There are a lot of question marks in Red Bull's situation at the moment, for example, and there is no other car designer like Adrian Newey. If Ferrari could sign him too, I think they would have a winning team again.

Salo drove briefly for Ferrari in the heady Schumacher days, but he says he was never fazed by the special pressure of representing the fabled brand.

In my case, the media, fans and all the other commotion didn't bother me, he smiled. At least at that time, it was well taken care of there that the drivers focus on driving, and the rest of the people take care of everything else like media relations.