NOVEMBER 4, 2023

New wild rumour: F1 rival tries to poach Marko

The rumours just keep on coming as the tail end of the 2023 Formula 1 season approaches.

Dr Helmut Marko, Brazilian GP 2023
© Red Bull

Fernando Alonso warned in Brazil that there would be consequences for those who dreamed up the lie about his potential retirement or 2024 switch to Red Bull.

Spanish journalist Albert Fabrega has now apologised.

I want to apologise for my tweets about the rumour I heard in the paddock, he said at Interlagos. It was a mistake and I apologise to anyone I may have caused offence to.

Red Bull's Dr Helmut Marko was asked about the same speculation in Brazil, and he gave only an additional one-word answer to add to his previous comments: Absurd.

The 80-year-old team advisor had suggested Alonso himself may have been responsible for spreading the rumours amid his period of discontent at Aston Martin.

But now Marko himself is the subject of the latest whisper.

Business F1 magazine claims the Austrian has received an approach from a rival team. The new rumour comes after reports of disagreements between Marko and Red Bull team boss Christian Horner. thinks that rumour may have involved Horner trying to get involved in the ownership at Red Bull's second Formula 1 team, Alpha Tauri.

Marko responded: There was once an attempt to sell to a Czech investor. But that was rejected. Alpha Tauri is not for sale.

As for the one about Marko perhaps switching to a rival F1 camp, journalist Tom Rubython admits it's unconfirmed but insists it's factual according to sources close to Marko.

The approach to Marko was politely rejected, Business F1 magazine reports, because he believes the rival team is motivated by his knowledge of the Red Bull operation and not the value of his services.