OCTOBER 29, 2023

Most F1 drivers snubbed FIA meeting invitation

Less than half of the 20 Formula 1 drivers turned up to a special meeting convened by top FIA steward and World Motor Sport Council member Gary Connelly.

Carlos Sainz, Mexican GP 2023
© Ferrari

Amid a string of recent and ongoing controversies including penalties, track limits, tyre problems in Qatar and even EUR 1 million fines, the drivers have made clear they are unhappy about the situation.

As the GPDA (Grand Prix Drivers' Association) we hope that the collaboration starts getting better, Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz said recently.

Kevin Magnussen added: "I think we really do need to communicate better, we need to work together as a group.

The drivers are an integral part of the sport. We drive the cars, we take the risks, so we want to be involved, he added.

To address the situation, Connelly invited all of the drivers and the ten teams' sporting directors to a meeting to discuss the full raft of issues on Thursday evening ahead of the Mexican GP weekend.

More than half didn't go, Auto Motor und Sport correspondent Andreas Haupt revealed.

Only eight of the 20 drivers actually showed up to discuss things.