DECEMBER 22, 2016

Mercedes dominance must end in 2017 says Tost

F1's utter domination by Mercedes must end in 2017.

F1's utter domination by Mercedes must end in 2017.

That is the view of Toro Rosso chief Franz Tost, speaking after Mercedes' three consecutive years of title wins but on the cusp of the big rule changes for next season.

Asked if Mercedes' domination is now ending, he told Tiroler Tageszeitung newspaper: "We all hope so, otherwise many people will lose interest in the championship.

"I'm hoping Red Bull and Ferrari can make progress," Tost insisted.

"Viewers want to see different winners, as well as accidents without serious consequences. I constantly hear from my friends 'Accidents don't even happen at the starts anymore'. And we need to get rid of the penalties," he added.

So Tost has plenty of advice for F1's authorities, as the sport looks to become more appealing.

"If you want to make the show better, first we must equalise the engines," said the Austrian.

"If in 2017 Mercedes still has the edge, then the FIA must freeze the engines to allow the others to catch up the gap.

"Right now we have a championship of engines, because at the wheel of a Mercedes, Alonso and Vettel would have become champions too," Tost added.